Policy Research and Advocacy

Under each programmatic area, CGPA undertakes policy research, with the aim to suggest appropriate policy reforms. Different research tools are applied and research products are widely disseminated. These include policy briefs, assessments, white papers, surveys, citizens’ report card, and situation reports. The research findings feed into advocacy efforts for policy forms. Policy dialogue, seminars, roundtables, consultations, and workshops are organized for policy advocacy under the thematic areas. The findings of these events are widely disseminated through electronic and print media.

Capacity Building

CGPA conducts trainings and other capacity building events for stakeholders for improvement tin skills and knowledge under each programme area. One of the key elements of capacity building is the demonstrative exhibition of different achievements and success stories for policy reforms, active citizenship, and protection and exercise of constitutional and human rights.

Awareness Raising

To strengthen the policy advocacy, CGPA carries out public awareness raising campaigns on key governance issues. This is done through series of dialogues, community meetings, interface meetings with service providers, media awareness campaign, development and publishing of awareness materials under the focused thematic areas.