ANP termed most active party in KP Assembly

PESHAWAR: Awami National Party has secured top slot for its contribution to total business of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly till June 2016, says a report.

Centre for Governance and Public Accountability in its report on performance, ranking and analysis of legislators says that all other parties have also outperformed the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf.

The CGPA during launch of its report and website here on Tuesday said that ANP contributed 2.44 per cent to the total business of the assembly till June 2016 while each of the PTI 60 members contributed only 0.30 per cent to the business of assembly therefore it was placed at the bottom.

Report says other parties also outperformed ruling PTI

ANP lawmaker Jaffar Shah was ranked on top among 124 members for actively participating in the legislative proceedings of the provincial assembly while PPP’s Nighat Orakzai was among the top 10 out of 22 women members of the house, elected on reserved seats.

CGPA also awarded Jaffar Shah for being active legislator as he was also the only legislator, who came to the launch of the report on time. Other ministers and MPAs of JUI-F, PML-N, JI and PTI came late.

Minister for Education Atif Khan said on the occasion that it was true that legislator were seen more interested in developmental works than taking interest in their prime duty of legislation.

He said that PTI did not take much part in the legislative proceedings and other functions of assembly as it was a ruling party and remained reserved on the floor while members of opposition parties were seen actively engaged in the proceedings.

Senior Minister Inayatullah also asked CGPA to hold an in-depth research and analysis of the assembly proceedings as parliamentary leaders and members on treasury benches, as its custom in all democracies across the world, did not speak much on the floor of the assembly.

They had access to the chief executive and were in ministries so they resolved the problems, facilitated implementation of laws while functioning in the government and did not speak on the floor of the assembly, he added.

MPA Amina Sardar of PML-N said that there were many members, who worked and raised questions. They were active but in resolutions their efforts were not visible, she said, adding more research was needed by CGPA than just relying on data available on the website of the provincial assembly.

Anwar Ali, executive director of CGPA, said that such analysis and reports made public representative accountable to raise voice for their people in their constituency than just sitting in the assembly.

“We understand that chief minister, speaker and some minister are too busy and rules keep them away from raising questions or tabling resolutions on the floor of the assembly but many MPAs are doing nothing and just sitting there,” he said.

According to the report, analysing data available on website of provincial assembly from June 2013 to 2016, some 22 members including 19 from PTI, two from PML-N and one from JUI-F showed no performance during these three years.

The analysis shows that JUI-F outperformed rest of the political parties in the assembly followed by PTI and PML-N. Qaumi Waan Party has 10

MPAs and analysis shows that its each member contributed 0.77 per cent to the business of the assembly, PTI contributed 0.30 per cent, each of PPP six members 1.53 per cent and PML-N contributed 1.05 per cent to the business of the assembly.

Each of JUI-F 17 members contributed 1.47 per cent to the business of the assembly and each of JI seven members contributed about 1.43 per cent to the business of the assembly.

ANP has five members in the provincial assembly and each of them contributed 2.44 per cent to the business of the house, according to the report.