Social Accountability

Budget Accountability

Public policy and political pledges are mere allusion if not backed by sound budgetary allocations and sound plans for implementation the policies. Under this program, CGPA strives for ensuring adequate allocations for social service delivery, and pro-poor and gender sensitive budgeting. The priority sectors for budget advocacy are education, health, water and sanitation, roads and construction, and public safety. Under this project, CGPA also carries monitoring and evaluation of different development projects by different state and non state entities.

CGPA is implementing a project titled 'Promoting Public Accountability at Local Level' funded by Open Society Foundation. The project starts on December 1, 2012 and the life of project is 12 months.

The outcomes of the project are:

  • Analysis of budget allocation and utilization practices at municipal and union council levels
  • Capacity of 105 members of civil society groups enhanced on budget advocacy
  • Policy advocacy for improving citizens’ participation in budget making process

Series of activities are being undertaken to accomplish the objectives and overall goal. These include establishment of constructive engagement with officials and elected representatives of town III of Peshawar district. Budgets of town III for key social sectors (Health, Education, Water and Sanitation, and Waste Disposal) of last three years are being analyzed. Based on this analysis and detailed Training Need Assessment, training materials are being developed. The project aims at training 105 civil society members through series of training events. Policy advocacy is being undertaken, based on research study. Establishment of Civil society network is considered as critical for sustainability of project activities. Three seminars are also planned under the project, advocating policy initiatives for inclusion of citizens’ voices in budget making process.
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CGPA organised Trainings and Awareness Sessions on Right to Information and Right to Public Services Laws in newly merged districts with support of GIZ.
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