Advocacy Campaign for Governance Reforms in FATA

Donor Agency: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
Start Date: May 1, 2014
Duration: 12 Months

 Project Objectives are: 

  • To mobilize civil society and local communities to advocate for political reform in FATA
  • To improve understanding of FATA governance issues and laws contradict fundamental freedoms through in-depth research
  • To raise awareness about the need for political reform in FATA

 Project Activities include:

  • Three meetings to facilitate the establishment of a grassroots civil society network to promote political reforms in FATA. The members of the network will include civil society organizations, youth groups, bar councils, journalists, elected representatives, and faith-based institutions, with an emphasis on the inclusion of women and minorities.
  • Review and analysis of discriminatory laws in FATA such as Article 247 of the Constitution, the Frontier Crime Regulations. Development of briefs on two topics: Governance Reforms in FATA and the Local Government System in FATA.
  • 30 awareness and mobilization sessions with civil society representatives, journalists, youth groups, political leadership, and the general public on FATA governance reforms to share the research findings, and mobilize the participants to demand political and governance reforms in FATA.
  • Two half-day consultative seminars on FATA governance reforms, one each in Peshawar and Islamabad.

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